Successful Team MitiGator Racing “Meet and Greet” in Clarksville Virginia

Team MitiGator™ Racing’s fan appreciation day in downtown Clarksville was a big success.  The Team MitiGator™ 510 Offshore Joker Race Boat and the Team MitiGator™ 13S Ford Fusion were on display and Drivers Warren Miller and John Gibson were on hand for autographs and talks and questions with fans.

Team MitiGator™ racers and SEAS Staff with race vehicles at the October 2009 meet & greet.Gibson Racing SoBo October 121Gibson Racing SoBo October 123

Gibson Motorsports is a small family owned business dedicated to stock car racing and John Gibson’s motorsports career. Driver John Gibson is 24 years old and has been racing since he was thirteen.  John was 7th in USAR Pro Cup Championship Driver & Owner Points with one race to go.  Find out more about Gibson Motorsports at

Gibson Racing SoBo October 118Team MitiGator™ Racers Warren Miller and John Gibson discuss engine performance on board the race boat.  Cross fertilization between the sports is one of the objectives of Team MitiGator™.

The Team MitiGator™ Offshore Racing boat (#510) is owned and driven by Warren Miller of High Priority Offshore Racing (  Team MitiGator™ Offshore won second place in the 2009 OPA GEICO Triple Crown US Championship in its class and took one checkered flag this year.

Sea Systems Group sponsors Team MitiGator Racing and is the manufacturer of MitiGator™ products. The MitiGator™ Technology is an engineered cushioning system designed to protect people from hi-speed, hi-impact assaults and to allow them to continue to perform their jobs or enjoy their leisure time.  The MitiGator™ uses patented air control technology working with 4,044 surfaces per square foot to dissipate energy before it is transmitted to the body and thus help alleviate problems.  Find out more at our new MitiGator™ website at


~ by ToughGuy on November 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Successful Team MitiGator Racing “Meet and Greet” in Clarksville Virginia”

  1. Hey Warren,
    My son and i met you in O.C.for the Mem.Weekend race.Just wondering how you and the new stick man are doing so far this year??Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Solomons Island race in Oct.

    Good luck this Summer,

  2. We are doing great, thanks. As you may know we won the OC race, and finished 2nd in the Fl. race a couple weeks ago. We are getting ready for the MI. race now. Things are looking good for a very good year.

  3. Warren,sorry to hear about the motor problems you guys have experienced this last few weeks.Would like some info. on the Solomons race so we could see you guys.Good luck with the rest of the season…E.Matthews

  4. Warren,Looking forward to keeping up with you guys this Season..Good luck!!!!!

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